Hi! I'm Jeremy. My bother Fritz is here, too. I'm a nice black kitten who is a bit afraid of new things right now but I have an awesome purr, like to cuddle, play, and be petted and will be a nice indoor kitty. Me and Fritz would like to be adopted together and live in a loving home with no dogs. If you have such a home, come and get us neeeeooooowww!
I've been here before as a kitten and now am back looking for a real fur-evah home because my purrson is moving. Sigh. Too bad for them because I'm a real beauty of a calico with tabby markings in some of my patches. A wonderful lady, feminine and still pretty much a kitten, I'm a people kitty who likes to explore and share attention. My meow is just plain cute. I would really like a real fur-e...
I'm a skinny little girl in what should be the prime of my life. Someone decided to declaw me and that has been hard since I can't really defend myself anymore. So I need to be an indoor kitty, maybe with a nice enclosed lanai to hang out in. My coat is pretty, almost like a puma, with a white undercoat - unusual. My eyes are an appealing green. Friendly but reserved, I may need some help with ...
I'm Angelica, a truly stunning grey lady with green eyes who has just finished having kittens. Right now I'm very shy and scared at being in this new place but at your calm, quiet fur-evah home and some patience I should blossom as your indoor kitty. Come and see what I mean.
I'm Bart Simpson, a little guy with a big purrsonality and the most brilliant tabby markings you are likely to see anywhere. I've also got a lot of white accents that make me even more brilliant. I like to purr, play with wiggly things and other kittens and generally be a rambunctious kitty. My name was well-chosen. Come and take me and a friend home with you so we can amuse 1 another and you. ...
I was houseless because my purrson was houseless and I kept having kittens. It was hard, so I came here to find a better situation. I gorgeous tortoiseshell, I'm a people kitty who is very affectionate although I would like you to wait for me to come to you. It would be best if I were your only cat and I, of course, like the outdoors but want to have an actual house with hoomans to call home. M...
Hi! I'm Almonds, a good kitty just entering my senior years who somehow found myself in need of a new fur-evah home to grow old in. I have a mature purrsonality, calm and mellow but still with curiosity about the world and I like to "read the newspaper" by sitting and watching the world go by. I will make a nice and rewarding pet. Yours? Do come soon; time's a wasting!
I'm Alaric, a attractive dark orange guy just getting into my "teen" months. I'm friendly and get along with other cats as well as hoomans but need some loving teaching to understand that hoomans are not chew toys or climbing apparatus (betcha you didn't think cats knew such big words!). If you are an experienced cat purrson in need of a fine, attentive kitty, don't wait another minute before y...
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